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M7 Assault Gas Mask Bag
M7 Assault Gas Mask Bag

Price: $49.99

Product Code: USGM7BAG

Rubberized (waterproof) bag for the US gas masks. This pattern bag was widely issued to assault troops in the Normandy Landings as well as numerous other amphibious and airborne operations. Our bags are very difficult to distinguish from the originals- we used the correct weight and color rubber, and realistic Chemical Corps stencils. The rubber bag itself is imported- then we install the straps here in our shop using US made original or mil-spec hardware.

Markings: Just like originals, the stencils on the rubber isn't always flawless. Again, like originals, the markings wear off with use anyway.

Why do these cost more than other reproductions? We use Scovil brand snaps and US Made snaps hooks and slides which don't bend and break the first time you use them. Our materials are as good as the military bags issued in WWII.

Partially Imported/ partially USA Made