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Reproduction WWII M1 Helmet
US WWII M1 Helmet

: $74.99

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Product Description

Complete reproduction M1 Helmets, swivel bale, with liner and OD3 ("khaki") web chinstraps. This is the standard issue helmet for all soldiers and Marines in WWII, except paratroopers.

The color is the correct, flat, light olive drab finish and all components are brand new reproductions. These do not use any surplus parts.

The OD3 helmet chinstraps are ATF: We make and install them. All other parts are imported.

They're far less expensive than using original parts, they look decent externally and, unlike many other reproduction M1's, the liners will fit properly when a net is used (as opposed to the rim sticking out an inch or more.)

Cheap has a price of its own: These are not military grade! The pots are the correct color, but they're not hardened steel, and many have a chip or two in the paint. The liners are plastic, the leather chinstraps aren't great, the suspension is green, and there are no nape straps.

Some liners fit a bit loosely in the pots, which also happens on some originals. There are two solutions- place masking tape on the top of the liner, or use a helmet net (or camo cover). That will take up the slack and tighten things down.