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M1 Helmets
The M-1 helmet was the standard issue combat headgear used by the United States military from 1941 until the late 1980's. We use original military issue steel shells and a mix of authentic and reproduction liners (depending on the model) to re-create the WWII versions of this classic helmet. All steel shells are stripped of their old paint and texture, dents and dings repaired, then repainted in the WWII shade of olive drab, and finally refitted with reproduction chinstraps correct for the wartime era.


These helmets and liners are NOT new. We cannot guarantee these to be completely free of dings, small cracks, scratches, or a rough spots. All U.S. helmets are assembled using military surplus steel pots. These are 40-70 years old and all saw service. Most are not mint, flawless, stored in a shock-proof-vault-just-for-u. Although we repaint and refurbish them, some evidence of their past use or wear is likely. They are in good to very good shape, but not 110% perfect.
WWII "front seam" shells in particular nearly always have some level of stress cracks at the rear. We cannot completely fix this.

US Helmet "Sizes"

Unlike German helmets and modern day Kevlars, the M-1 M-1C and M-2 helmets and liners come in only one size. The sweatband in the liner adjusts to fit your head via a slide buckle like some baseball caps. Thus, one size fits all. If you get a helmet and it's too tight, you simply need to adjust the sweatband. It's very, very simple.

M-1 Helmet Configurations

We are three levels of US helmets. Externally, (when they're on your head) all appear correct. However, for purists, the reproduction helmets and Postwar parts are not 100% correct for WWII. One look inside will tell you that they have postwar liners. The "WWII Parts" are 100% correct. However, some liners are M1952 models, but they are re-webbed with khaki suspension and the extra grommet has been added in front. Reproduction helmets use plastic reproduction liners.
Note: Helmets often need to be painted and/ or assembled and therefore a shipping delay of 2-3 days is common. Thanks for understanding.

Reproduction Liner
Reproduction Helmets

Shell: Reproduction, khaki chinstraps

plastic reproduction, reproduction parts.

Postwar Parts
Postwar Parts Helmets

Shell: Postwar US Military issue (rear seam)

Brand new plastic reproduction.

WWII Parts
WWII Parts Helmets

Shell: WWII, front seam

*Original US WWII pattern liners
restored with new khaki suspension,
ATF parts.

*Liner body may be M1952 or M1958.
Visually identical to WWII.

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