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USMC Helmet Cover
USMC helmet cover

: $29.99

Product Description

Reproduction of the WWII reversible camo helmet cover, primarily used by the U.S. Marines in the Pacific theater. (Although there are reports of Army troops using some in the Pacific Theater, this was exceptional, not typical.) Our covers are identical to originals.

Made from "Army weave" 100% cotton herringbone twill, exact reproduction camo cloth, and sewn with the correct three thread serger and double-needle chain stitch machines.

This is the first model, which does not have the slits and they do not have EGA's. W.W.II covers were unmarked when issued- some Marines painted or pinned EGA's on them, but most were worn blank.

Cover fit
Our covers fit like originals- we actually dis-assembled one to be sure we got them right. WWII covers don't fit form to the helmet as nicely as most Vietnam era ones. They fit more like a sack of potatoes than jeans on a calendar girl. This is the way they were- if this isn't your fantasy, then invent a time machine and go back and change history.

Original covers in action during WWII.

Assembled in USA


1. Remove liner.
2. Wrap cover around steel pot. Open end of pleats should face the rear.
3. Cut slits for chinstraps to go through.
4. Reinstall liner.

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