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U.S. Wool Trousers
U.S. Wool Trousers

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Product Description
Reproduction of the standard issue trouser for all Army (including Air Corps) personnel throughout WWII. These pants were worn both in the field and with the Service Coats or Ike Jackets. Our reproductions are made from wool serge cloth custom woven in the correct WWII olive drab shade. (It looks like an olive brown).

Our trousers are the Wartime cut which have a high waist, full thigh and seat. Trousers made from the 1930's until mid-1942 had a a closer fit like normal dress trousers, which looks far more attractive but field use leads to split seat and crotch seams. Complaints from the troops were dismissed by the QMC at first, but a deluge of letters from officers finally led to the pattern being altered. The thigh, seat and rise were substantially increased to give better freedom of movement for squatting, kneeling, crawling and running.

Trouser Fabric: 70/30 wool/ poly. (Originals vary from 70/30 wool/rayon to 100% wool. We had several original swatches tested.)

Suspenders? The Army designed these to be held up with a belt and did not see fit to design these with suspender buttons, but adding them is not difficult.

Sizing and Fit: As with all of our trousers, we use modern "vanity" sizing (as do nearly all other clothing companies) rather than the actual waist measure as they did in WWII. Thus, the waists of our trousers measure 2-3" larger than the size.
Example: Size 34 measures 36-37 inches.
Simply order your the same waist size you wear in jeans or casual pants from Old Navy, J. Crew, Gap, 5.11 Tactical, etc..
If you wear a 36 in jeans, our size 36 will fit.

Inseams: 34 inches.


Washing Instructions
Dry Clean or hand wash in a sink or bucket and hang dry. Never use a washer or dryer!

Trouser Accessories
Trouser Belts Officer Trouser Belts Suspender Buttons Trouser Suspenders

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