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US WWII Trouser Suspenders
US WWII Trouser Suspenders

: $19.99

Suspender buttons

6 original 27 line size buttons:
Add suspender buttons [Add $2.50]

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New reproduction WWII suspenders. This pattern is usually described as the "paratrooper" model, but they were general issue throughout the Army. The 1943 Quartermaster Supply Catalog describes them as "Suspenders, Trousers: Made of od webbing and are worn with trousers, mountain: trousers, parachute jumper, or any other type of trousers with which suspenders are used".

There are several variations of originals. Some have no elastic which can result in buttons being ripped out when one bends over, while others have fruity looking striped elastic...and since the stripes aren't khaki, we know there would be riots and someone might get hurt. So, in the interests of functionality and public safety, we chose to reproduce the model with web shoulder straps and elasticized back strap. The webbing and elastic are both od #3.

These button onto the trousers (no clips).

Note: Many styles of US WWII trousers DO NOT come with buttons to attach suspenders. Only M1943 Field Trousers and M1942 Paratrooper Trousers have them "from the factory". If you wish to use these for any other trousers (wools, HBT's, camo's etc, etc) you will have to put buttons on yourself. This is not an error on our part- it's how originals were made.