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US Trouser Belt
US Trouser Belt

: $18.99

US Trouser Belt Size


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New trousers belts. These are all made from od#3 webbing with new, correct WWII type hardware. These are not the beige/ off-white things sold at most surplus stores that kinda-sorta look like WWII. The new generation webbing is identical to WWII weave and color. Note: Originals came in dozens of shades of olive and tan. They were made by the tens of millions, so not all were the same color. These are not intended or required to match the color or any type of trouser. 1.25" wide, like originals.

45" fits up to 40" waist
55" fits up to 50" waist
65" fits up to 60" waist

These are available in three sizes: 45", 55" and 65". The tip is already fastened. All you do is cut it to the size you need and put the buckle on. There's no reason to make this complicated.Try on first then choose where to cut. If your wasit is 38'' and you cut it to that it will indeed be too short and not returnable.

Made in USA