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Officer's Khaki Trouser Belt
Officer's Khaki Trouser Belt

: $9.99


Product Description
New reproduction of the WWII khaki trouser belt with brass buckle. These were actually worn by both officer and enlisted personnel who could purchase these privately at the PX, tailor shops, department stores, etc, etc..

Color: These are lighter in color than our regular trouser belts- they are more "khaki" but still not a perfect match for the khaki cotton summer uniforms. There was no regulation or stipulation that belts match the trousers in color. Original belts range in color from gold to pea green and everywhere in between.

Size: These are all one size- all belts are 48 - 50 inches. This will work for waistlines up to 44". Trim it down to the proper fit. (The webbing may be cut with a knife, scissors, etc..)
1 1/4'' wide

Made in USA