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M1 Carbine Buttstock Pouch
M1 Carbine Buttstock Pouch

: $24.99


Product Description
Tweaked specifically to be
used on the stock
No stock-scratching snap Scovil snap Sleeve enlarged 1/4" to
ensure fit on weapon
Mount pouch from the front
of the weapon
Insert magazines after pouch
is in place
Sling is fitted over the pouch Ready to hunt Natzee Zombies

American made reproduction of WWII magazine pouch issued with M1 Carbines in 1943. It holds two 15 round magazines. The pouch was actually designed to be worn on the pistol belt, and a male snap stud was fitted on the rear to secure it to the belt, which had the corresponding socket component. As soldiers have minds of their own, some of them quickly improvised and found that the pouch would also fit on the stock, which was an even handier way to keep spare magazines at the ready.

Original pouches vary slightly in size- some fit the stock easily, others not so- but, this was not the intent of the design, making it irrelevant to the US military.

Today's enthusiasts nearly always fit a pouch on their stocks, and most insist that the snap stud will score, scratch, dent or otherwise damage the wood of the stock itself. So, we have tweaked the original design very slightly to address these worries.

First, we added approximately 1/4" to the sleeve through which the stock (or belt) is fitted. We test fit each one on an original carbine stock to be sure they fit easily. Second, we have omitted the offending snap stud to prevent any blemishes to the stock. Otherwise these are the same as the regular Carbine pouch.

Color: Our canvas and webbing are the correct, WWII olive drab no. 3 color. Modern enthusiasts often refer to this as "khaki". In reality, the actual color is a light olive-tan rather than a true khaki. Our materials were custom dyed to match authentic period samples (as opposed to other copies or video game screen shots) and the color is absolutely period correct.

1. Remove the magazine from the weapon, and be sure it is unloaded.
2. Detach the sling from the front swivel. (The rear may remain attached.)
3. Slide the empty pouch, over the barrel and down over the receiver to the butt end of the stock.
4. Re-attach the sling to the front swivel.
5. Now magazines may be inserted into the pouch.

Made in USA