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Leather Palm Wool Gloves
Leather Palm Wool Gloves

: $39.99


Product Description

Developed in 1942, these were the standard issue winter glove for the entire War. They are made from olive drab wool and have brown leather palms to increase their service life. Our gloves are one of the only reproductions made from the correct knit wool which forms to your hand. Most others use blanket wool which falls off and are uncomfortable. These have brown leather palms and realistic spec labels.

Sizing: Like originals. 9, 10, and 11. That's basically M, L, or XL.

Warmth note: On their own, these are not the warmest gloves in the world. However, if worn in conjunction with a thin glove liner (there are a myriad of them on the outdoor clothing market) the situation for your paws improves immensely.