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USMC Cartridge Belt, USA Made
USMC M1923 Cartridge Belt

: $124.99


Product Description
Exact recreation of the "10 pocket" cartridge belt for M-1 Garand and Springfield Rifles. These are the best reproductions made. Period. The od#3 shuttle loomed webbing is copied directly from original material. All the hardware is now either original US WWII or made by the ScovilĀ® and Stimpson companies. Both are US government contractors who made it during the War.
Licensed by the United States Marine Corps.

These fit up to 43" waists. For larger, see the listing for our extender belts.

(Unlike other Indian and Chinese reproductions, we use the correct size eyelets, genuine lift-the-dot fasteners, US webbing (not British), and our fabric is professionally yarn-dyed. Not dipped in a tub full of RIT laundry dye from Walmart.) Stamped "USMC" on the back of the left panel. In this case we opted for an ink stamp instead of a stencil as that more closely approximated the marking on our original sample.

Made in USA.

Patterns and Quality: We use the same process as we do with our US Army gear. Decide on the most typical model, buy two originals, cut one up (yes, destroy history) for a pattern and use the other as a guide. In the case of Marine Corps gear, we are typically using the Boyt manufactured items as they are of better quality and better satisfy the prejudices of collectors and re-enactors than do the items made by the Marine Corps Depot. Additionally, the Depot manufactured gear tends to use W.W.I hardware, which would complicate our own supply problems. All gear is manufactured here in Columbia, Kentucky.

Size: Our belts will fit up to a 43'' waist. If you are larger, check the cartridge belt page for our extender.