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"Market Garden" Paratrooper Package
"Market Garden" Paratrooper Package


Base Price $499.99

Choose Paratrooper Helmet*:

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Add Parachute First Aid Packet:

Add M43 Field Jacket Liner*:

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Add Trouser Belt or Suspenders?*:

Select M1943 Paratrooper Trousers*:

Add WWII Tank Top or T-Shirt*:

Add M7 Gas Mask Bag*:

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Product Description Sizing Information

Now you can build your own impression for US Army Paratroopers of the 17th, 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. The drop down boxes allow you to select sizes, upgrade components, and add options.

If an item is out of stock, the shopping cart will not allow you to select it.

The base price of the Impression Package includes:

-Reproduction M-1C Paratrooper Helmet
-M1943 Field Jacket
-M1943 Paratrooper Trousers

-JQMD Cartridge Belt
-JQMD Combat Suspenders
-JQMD Musette Bag
-JQMD First Aid Pouch
-JQMD Canteen Cover

Components may be upgraded and items added in the drop down boxes.