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WW1 M1907 Sling, Natural
WW1 M1907 Sling, Natural

: $79.99

Product Description
American made reproduction of the M1907 sling used in both world wars and Korea. This is the World War 1 pattern, made using blacked brass hardware and brass rivets. We make these in our own shop in central Kentucky using veg tanned leather*, tan linen thread and exact reproduction hardware. This is as close to a brand new sling from 1917 as one can find.
Marked "Kirkman 1917".

Natural color leather? Yes. When brand new, military issue slings were light tan, nearly white. Collectors refer to this as "in the pink"- which refers to the color- not a dirty joke. Original slings still in said condition today fetch enormous prices.

Just like the originals, our slings will darken quickly with just exposure to sunlight and use- a little neetsfoot oil will hasten the change.

Black brass? Yes. The brass parts were given a dark lacquered finish, commonly called "japanning". As the slings were used, this gradually wore off leaving the exposed brass as seen on most original slings today.

Fit? These are designed for the M1903 Springfield rifles and later used on the M1 Garands of WWII. They are also seen on BAR's and Thompson submachineguns. They are 1.25" wide and will generally fit most rifles with swivels of that width.

*Our leather may come from USA, Mexico, or Brazil depending on the batch. We select the hides for best finish and quality. Lately (2022) the latter two countries have had superior leather.

Made in USA