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WWII US Helmet Liner Sweatband
WWII US Helmet Liner Sweatband

: $24.99


Product Description

New sweatband for US WWII steel helmets. We had the 100% cotton HBT webbing and hardware custom made to our specs, (copied from unissued WWII samples) and we die cut the leather strips and assemble them here in our shop. Hardware is olive drab. These are indistinguishable from unissued originals.

Note to Helmet Natzees: All of the sweatbands have the same HBT weave as the one in the photo. We don't offer a choice of "weaves". None of them is more or less "correct" than another. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, just ignore this- it's just a few helmet nuts that get a little too crazy over things.

Made in USA.