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US Litter Cover
US Litter Cover

: $99.99


Product Description
Reproduction cover for US military WWII stretchers. These are copied directly from originals using heavy #8 cotton canvas duck fabric in the correct olive drab no. 3 shade. We have several originals and noted that no two were identical- to include the markings underneath. We chose the one that seemed most socially acceptable and went with it.

Markings: These are on the underside of the cover and we coped what I deemed the most seductive of the 3 different markings among my originals. (Every one is different.)

Please note that these are applied with a stencil and water-based ink- not a laser. If absolutely flawless markings with a perfectly even application of ink is required for happiness, these are not for you. Our markings are no better than the originals we're imitating- the one in the photo is typical.

Size: Approximately 72" x 21" which is slightly larger than the originals we have as this canvas has less stretch.

Installation: The bolts holding the "feet" need to be removed, then the new cover slid on. Check the positions of the bolts, they cut holes for them, and reinstall the feet.

Made in USA