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Jeep Cap, Made in USA
WWII Jeep Cap | Made in USA

: $34.99


Product Description

M1941 wool knit cap with short visor designed to be worn under the steel helmet. Commonly known as the "Jeep Cap". Standard issued to all troops (yes, including paratroopers) in the Army from mid-1942.
One size.

Original Jeep Cap

Our US Army Jeep and Mechanic's caps are made from U.S. Made olive drab #3 100% wool tubular knit cloth. They are sewn in our shop with the correct WWII era Merrow brand serger and Union Special chain stitch machines. Unlike other repros, the tubular fabric results in a cap with no seam at the rear, just like originals. The only difference from WWII caps, is that ours come in one size. We spoke to the mill and they explained that the newer yarn has a better "memory" than that of 60 years ago, precluding the need for multiple sizes. We have also changed the visor material from cardboard (like originals) to leather. This will eliminate the tendency for the visors to crack in the center.

Washing Instructions: These are 100% wool. Do not, under any circumstances put them in a washing machine or, God forbid, a dryer. You will end up with a fuzzy thimble. If you need to clean one of these caps, hand wash with cold water only and air dry. Not in a dryer on "Air Only/ Air Dry/Air", I mean simply in the open air. We will not exchange or refund caps destroyed by "operator error".

Made in USA