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JQMD WWII Garand Sling
JQMD WWII Garand Sling

: $24.99


Product Description
Imported reproduction of the WWII manufacture M1907 rifle slings used for M1 Garands, Springfields, BAR's,M1941 Johnson rifles and occasionally Thompson SMG's. These will fit most weapons with 1.25" (or larger) sling loops.

We are offering these slings as a well-made, lower priced alternative to our US made versions. They are made from 1.25" wide, drum-dyed genuine leather in a medium russet brown. The hardware is blackened steel which was typical of slings made during WWII. (Those made during WWI used blackened brass hooks and D-rings.)

Marked JQMD 1943.

Note: Many WWII M1 Garand rear sling loops are angled to the extent that the sling hook will not easily fit through with the loop while it's in the stock. The fix is to remove the lower butt plate screw (which also secures the loop), raise the loop, fit the sling through, then re-install the loop and screw. Most Garand sling loops made after the War are angled a bit less and this is not necessary.