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Camo Kit Bag, Made in USA
Camo Kit Bag, Made in USA

: $99.99


Product Description

Aviator's Kit Bag made in "Frogskin" camouflage. This is not a reproduction of a government issue item- it was simply decided that camo kit bags would look cool, so we made some. Likewise, using the white parachute harness webbing for the straps was a fashion decision.

They are identical to our regular bags, save for the color of the fabric. Assembled in Kentucky using 100% cotton camouflage HBT fabric, Scovil snaps and Talon zippers.

What all fits? Lots of stuff. These bags hold a lot. When I was in the Army, we were easily able to pack our entire MC1-1 parachute, harness and reserve chute inside and we had plenty of room to spare.

Care: Hand clean & air dry only! Machine washing and/ or dryers will cause shrinkage and damage to hardware.

Made in USA

approx size 20 x 17 x 13