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M1928 Haversack
M1928 Haversack

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Quality reproduction of the M1928 Haversack- the standard issue backpack for US soldiers until the end of WWII. These are a slightly modified version of the M1910 Haversack used in the First World War (which were also used in the Second). This pack was designed specifically to fold around the soldier's kit (hygiene items, spare clothing, etc), with a separate pouch for the mess kit and utensils. Two pairs of eyelets permit one to attach the shovel carrier and bayonet to the outside. A pack carrier or "tail" could be attached to the bottom , lengthening the pack to allow the bedroll to be carried if desired.

Our packs include the "meat can" pouch and we sell pack carriers (tail or diaper) separately.

Our reproductions were copied from an original made by Boyt harness company in 1941. These are made with 100% cotton #8 duck canvas, in the WWII olive drab no. 3 shade. This color is an olive tan- not literally "khaki", and it is absolutely correct. The webbing is likewise all cotton, shuttle loomed and the same heavy weight as the originals. Hardware is blackened steel, in the proper size and style.

This is a relatively complex piece of fieldgear to manufacture, with over 50 pieces and dozens of ways to make a mistake and ruin the pack. Nearly every single other reproduction screws up the same thing- the workers have no clue what the four little grommets on the flap are for and they place them willy-nilly where ever they feel like. This makes it nearly impossible to attach shovels or bayonets. We went over that repeatedly with the owner of the factory and they got it right- properly spaced so no more BS when trying to hook up your gear.

Includes mess tin pouch.

Imported (If we made them here the price would double.)

Size: The straps on these packs are the same length as originals. Thus, if you are over 6' in height, or if you're a super size person, these may not be long enough.

Practicality: These are a terrible choice for a book bag, day pack, or really much aside from WWII re-enacting. Just about any other bag/ pack we carry is a better option.

How the hell does this thing go together? The Haversack is a rather unique design, one that I personally suspect was conceived by participants involved in early human trials of LSD.

Click on the link for a reprint of the Army Field Manual: How to Pack the Haversack

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