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WWII Paratrooper Helmets

The American Airborne troops used the same M1 helmet as the rest of the Army (and Marine Corps). However, the liner and chinstraps were modified to prevent them from separating during parachute jumps. These were known as the M2 and M1C helmets. The first paratroopers used the M-2 (a.k.a. "D-bale"). These had a modified, D-shaped wire for the chin strap on the shell. This was found to be susceptible to breakage, so it was switched in favor of the swivel bale design in late 1943.
The M2 was by far the most common paratrooper helmet on D-Day, but the M1C began to replace it late in the War.
Original WWII Paratrooper helmets are rare and very expensive today.

US Paratrooper Helmet Configurations
We are offer three levels of US WWII helmets. "Reproduction", "Postwar Parts", and "WWII Parts". Externally, all appear identical. However, for purists, the two cheaper ones are not 100% correct for WWII.

Postwar & WWII Parts Steel Pots are all genuine military surplus! Some small dings or cracks are likely.

Reproduction Helmets

Shell: Reproduction (rear seam)

Plastic reproduction, reproduction parts.
Postwar Parts Helmets

Shell: Postwar US military issue (rear seam)

WWII Parts Helmets

Shell: Original WWII production, front seam

Westinghouse manufacture, restored
to jump helmet configuration. ATF parts.

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