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Dye Kit, Black
Dye Kit, Black

: $14.99


Product Description
Since our German lowboots and jackboots are made "as issued" in natural brown, we are now carrying a kit for those who wish to dye their boots black. Original boots were dyed by the soldiers they were issued to with black polish. This dye and finish is much less labor intensive than hours of buffing and rubbing required when using only polish to do the job. We do not offer this service ourselves due to time constraints. The kit contains 4 oz. of black dye, 4 oz. of leather balm, and two daubers. This is enough to do at least two pairs of jackboots (possibly three) or 4-5 pairs of lowboots.

Dye Kits can no longer be shipped outside of the lower 48 states. Ground shipping only! No international orders! (Including Canada.) No Second Day or Overnite. Some genius with customs has decided that the dye is a hazardous material that might suddenly explode and cause a plane crash. Sorry, looks like we are dumber than the muslims ever dreamed.

Instructions: This is very easy, but it is possible to make a helluva mess if you fail to use your head.(Yes, such dumbed-down advisories are really this necessary. 98% of our customers are not brain-dead morons. We know and appreciate this fact, despite the way I sound at times. But that last 2% of specially challenged individuals make these pithy tirades obligatory. After exploding microwaves full of helmets and uniforms soaked in buckets of bleach...there is no telling what sort of atrocity some yo-yo can commit with a bottle of black dye.)

1. Try the boots on. Make sure they are the correct size and that you are happy with them. Just like washed uniforms, we will not accept dyed boots for refund or exchange. Again, once you dye them, they are yours.

2. Find a suitable, well ventilated area. "Suitable", like the driveway, the yard or a workbench in the garage. If in doubt, put down several layers of old newspapers or a drop cloth. The black dye is very black. It's comparable to ink. It turns everything it touches black. It will ruin carpet, upholstery or clothing. Unless you have a death wish or are a complete moron, DO NOT do this on the living room carpet or the kitchen counter. Your parents, life partner or landlord will appreciate your foresight. Rubber gloves aren't a bad idea. It will wash off your fingers. Eventually. But they'll be gray for a few days.

3. Apply the dye with the enclosed dauber. One coat is ample! Only coat the outside of the boots. DO NOT dye the insides, or else you'll have gray feet and socks each time you wear them. It is not necessary to coat the bottom of the soles.

4. Allow the boots to dry 2-3 hours.
If you apply the balm before the dye is totally dry, it will take longer for the boots to dry completely.

5. Apply the leather balm. This is easier to do with an old rag, but the dauber will work. The rag is better because it allows you to work the balm into the boots, much like you do with mink oil or Neetsfoot oil. Again, a single coat will do the trick. There is no need to drown the boots. The balm seals the surface of the boots and prevents the dye from leeching. If you do NOT use the balm, it is possible for some dye to rub off on things (uniforms, shirts, duffel bag) that come in contact with them. Allow the boots to dry overnight.

6. Done. Now you can polish or waterproof the boots if you wish.