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Parachute Jumper Boots
WWII Jump Boots

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Product Description

New, ATF pattern jump boots, made in the USA with Goodyear rubber. As with out other US boots, these are contracted exclusively by us, and they are close to the WWII issue boots as we can get. Made for us by HH Brown, with first quality American chrome tanned leather, finished in the Army *cordovan brown. We spend over a year getting the "Wingfoot" logo trademarked with Goodyear and working with them to get the molds made to recreate it. Finally we had the period boxes recreated in Kalamazoo, MI.

How do these differ from "Corcoran" Jump Boots? Mainly on the bottom. The most obvious change are the Goodyear parts on underneath, and the way the edges of the soles are finished. Less evident is the full sole- ours are real leather, while Corcorans are "composite" which has had the unfortunate habit of cracking in half on some boots. (I only learned this last year.) There are minor changes internally, in the lining piece and the finish on the leather is slightly different, hopefully making them easier to polish.

*Many people do not realize that the leather on US WWII (and later) boots (as well as garrison belts, leather chinstraps, etc) is painted- not dyed. Leather paint is almost as common as leather dye- we use it all the time. It leaves a solid color, that doesn't bleed the way dye does.