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Aged Kirkman M1907 Rifle Sling
M1907 Sling, Made in USA
Color and shade will vary!

: $129.99


Product Description
New, American made reproduction WWII pattern M1907 pattern leather slings for M1903 and M-1 Rifles. This product is a reproduction of the slings made during WWII- meaning they have steel rather than brass hardware like those made in WWI. These slings are made by us, in our shop in Columbia, Ky.

We start with the finest veg tanned 8 oz. cowhide* available, strap cut it to 1.25", crease the straps, punch the holes with gang dies, and sewn them with custom made 100% linen thread from Delaware.

All of our slings start out the color of an unissued original- for the aged models we use a 4 step process to tint and give them a aged appearance. Due to the nature of hand dyed and oiled leather, the exact appearance of each sling will vary somewhat from one another as well as from the photos.

This will fit any weapon with 1.25" sling retaining loops. Short strap is 23-24'' and long strap is 46-48''.

*Our leather may come from USA, Mexico, or Brazil depending on the batch. We select the hides for best finish and quality. Lately (2022) the latter two countries have had superior leather.

Made in USA
Marked "Kirkman 1942" or "Kirkman 1943".

Installation Instructions: Click Here
Here's the diagram from the manual: (Click on the pic for larger image)