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M1A1 Carbine Scabbard, Rigger Modified
US WWII M1A1 US Paratrooper Carbine Scabbard, Rigger modified
Carbine not included

: $99.99

Product Description

This is one of several different configurations created by W.W.II parachute riggers to improve the utility of the carbine scabbards. They removed the binding, opened up the case, installed 2 carbine pouches (both buttstock and belt type were used), and raised the leg strap so that it tied above the knee. The leg strap was not stitched to the case, but rather was simply placed through a loop sewn onto the case. This allowed some adjustment of the strap height. The case was then closed and rebound. We have used "buttstock" style carbine pouches and have lengthened the leg strap. (If your leg proves too large for this one, we can make a longer version.)

M1A1 Carbine Scabbards: Carrying bags for the folding stock M-1 Carbine used by US paratroopers. Our reproductions are patterned from an original, but are made slightly larger to accommodate the reproduction folding stocks on the market. Correctly made with integral felt padding, #8 canvas duck, Lift-the-Dot snaps and leg strap. All markings are professionally applied and heat cured using stencils and water based ink. (Not hand stamped.) Maker marks vary. Approx 27'' long.

Made in USA