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MG Barrel Carrier Strap
MG Barrel Carrier Strap

: $19.99


Product Description
Strap only- barrel carrier not included. Same weave, color and size as originals LUX marked clamps

New, replacement straps for the WWII German MG34 and MG42 spare barrel carriers. These are often missing, replaced with something very different or in piss-poor condition after 75 years. We took the remains of an original strap, washed it several times until we could identify the color (they are almost always slimy & filthy), and had the webbing and hardware reproduced.
As with many German items, there are caveats.
-Just as there are several types of barrel carriers, there are several variations of hardware, 3 different widths of webbing, and numerous colors found among originals.
-This is DIY installation. We have installed the first clamp on the strap and the slide. The strap is fed through the swivel on one end of the carrier, back though the slide and then around the swivel at the other end of the carrier. This is then secured with the second clamp (included.)
-The edges of the clamp need to be rolled over to secure the locking plate. This is not difficult to do- unless you're confused by a screw driver or hammer- then this job might be best done by someone else.
-An alternative to using the clamp is to simply stitch the strap on. Some originals used this method of attachment.
-Right way/ wrong way: There was apparently no standard when it came to which end of the carrier the slide goes on, no whether then clamps face "up" or "down". Among my original carriers with their factory installed straps, there is no consistency.