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M4 Field Jcket, Pattern
M4 Field Jcket, Pattern

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Pattern B Field Jacket Size*:

Product Description
Full cut to allow
room for liner
OD3 lining- used on some 370D's.
(Others used the darker OD7.)
Neck flap. Cuff gussets.
Instruction label peculiar
to 370D
Spec labels. Rear detail. Cut away showing
webbing reinforcements
for hip pockets.
Reproduction of the Pattern B model of M1943 Field Jackets worn in 1944-45 by American troops.
During the War, there were three versions of the new field jackets manufactured which can be identified by their specification numbers- 370B, 370C, and 370D. The 370B and approximately half of the 370C series were fitted more closely than later jackets. Although this gives a better appearance, it made it tight when the pile liners were worn underneath.

So, mid-way through the 370C contracts, the Quartermaster issued an amendment to the pattern known as "Pattern B". This added 2" to the chest measure and about 1" to the upper arm circumference which gave a more comfortable fit when wearing extra layers underneath, as well as a baggier, sack-like appearance. The pattern B design was retained for all future production of the Field Jacket, up to and including the "M65" still produced today.

The 370D specifications were issued in February 1944 and production began in April, giving ample time for shipments to have been on hand in the ETO by Fall. The most notable difference between the 370D the earlier jackets is the large instruction label in the neck. Many customers had complained that we had dropped this detail when we made the 370B's, so I chose the D models for this run. The outer shell is 100% cotton sateen in the OD7 shade, while the lining is a lighter shade OD2 cotton poplin mimicking those coats made in the first contracts which often used left over shell fabric from the discontinued manufacture of M41 jackets.

Click here for more specific information and photos on the different models of original M43 Field Jackets.

Yes, original 370D's were made in numbered chest sizes, shorts, regulars and longs. We chose the "generic" sizes as the fit of this model is so loose that many of the numbered sizes become superfluous and create an inventory nightmare. Otherwise, these mimic the originals as closely as possible. Large chest and upper arms to allow liners or extra clothing to easily fit underneath, OD3 lining, waist drawcord, web reinforced double layered lower pockets, realistic spec labels, and Teflon water repellent. (No this does not make the fabric feel stiff.)

Fit: Big and baggy. The Pattern B jackets are cut overly large to allow a liner (equivalent to a Tanker jacket) to be comfortably worn underneath. These are the same proportions as the newer M65 field jackets- definitely not form fitting.

100% cotton, machine wash/ dry. (Hand wash hang dry will allow the Teflon to last longer.)