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Reed Green Drill Tunic
Reed Green Drill Tunic

: $99.99

Reed Green Drill Tunic Size*:

Product Description

Inside details Correct 26mm buttonholes Rear details Removeable buttons

Reproduction of the "Reed Green" fatigue tunic worn by German troops throughout WWII. Initially issued in unbleach white, the Drillich uniform was originally intended for work details and training duties. Once the War began, the comfort and utility of the clothing led the Germans to issue a new version in the dark field gray "reed green" color which was far more appropriate for wear in combat zones.

These were simplified versions of the Feldbluse, with only two patch pockets at the hips, no flaps, almost no lining, and a drawcord to adjust the waist. They were worn on all fronts, occasionally with full or partial insignia.

Correct for all ground troops. It appears that this was the sole "Summer" tunic for the elite troops- no photos are known of them wearing the 4 pocket reed green tunics- only pre-War M37 gray types early in the War.

Combat worn original tunic

ATF's Tunics: As always, we copied original examples. These are not sold by any other vendors, and this particular uniform was made using our "Texled" patterns from 2011-2012. The cut and fit are like the real things, and the linen/ cotton HBT cloth is copied directly from authentic samples. The fabric is the correct weight, the sleeves fit properly, and all the original details are replicated.

Care: Hand wash cold, hang dry. No bleach. Yes, I'm very sure.