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Texled Gewehr 98 Sling
Texled Gewehr 98 Sling

: $69.99


Product Description
Correctly made and plated hardware Oiled One coat of leather oil and...presto!

Top grade US made reproduction of the issue sling for the Gewehr 98 rifles used in WWI and WWII by the German military. We manufacture these in our own shop in central Kentucky, using first quality American cowhide. We make these just like the originals- the sides are sprayed light tan, embossed with the correct cross hatch pattern, strap cut, skived, edged, dressed, and hand stitched with waxed linen. Our hardware was custom made and properly blackened. These slings are dead-on to those made 100 years ago.

Yes, there are other copies available for 1/3 the price- they literally look and smell like crap. All made in Asia, using the finest urine tanned water buffalo leather, usually painted baby-poop brown and fitted with cheesey hardware, thickly coated with glossy black paint.

Color: Originals are usually a dark russet brown now. When new, these were a light tan or natural leather color. They have darkened due to exposure, dirt, sweat and oil. Our darken rapidly with handling and use. One coat of leather oil or dubbing darkens them substantially.

Fit: Gewehr 98 rifles only. These will NOT fit K98's! They also will not fit G98's that were upgraded to K98 standard with the slotted stock. Our slings are 40" long, the same as originals. Yes, some of the dime store reproductions are a foot or more longer- but we don't copy Asian reproductions. Only originals.

Markings: Maker marked and dated 1915.

Sling attached in carry position. Period photos show the wire loop left loose
as shown.
For "parade mode", the catch is moved forward to the
slot in the trigger guard and the wire loop is fastened to the
hook under the barrel band.