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U.S. M6 Scabbard, Aged
Reproduction WWII M6 Scabbard made in USA by ATF

: $99.99


Product Description
Both sides are treated Scabbards are broken
in with an M3 knife
Steel lace will tarnish Rear detail
Our USA Made Scabbards are all manufactured like the originals- in natural, undyed leather. We realize many people prefer the "aged" look, so we have worked out a process to achieve it in our factory. These are done in small batches, using a 5 step process with a variety of dyes, oils, and water. Each scabbard ends up being unique due to the way different hides react, as well as my constant tinkering with the dye shades and order of application. The hardware may also be chipped and show some tarnishing or surface rust- these look like a 70 year old, well used leather sheath.

The exact color will vary
Made in USA