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US Navy Chambray Shirt
US Navy Chambray Shirt

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Product Description
WWII pattern Chambray
Full cut Split cuff Yoked shoulder
WWII pattern buttons Comparison to the
ATF (left) vs. WWII (right) Correct placket, neck band
and pockets

US Navy "chambray" shirts worn by sailors throughout WWII in all theaters. This is a loose fitting, good-looking, very comfortable shirt, perfectly suited for personnel serving on ships and submarines.

These same attributes have led to a near total dearth of originals today- simply finding an authentic one to copy was second in difficulty only to the dungaree trousers worn with them. After a year of scrounging, I came up with four, and rapidly found that no two were alike in nearly any way. Pocket size and placement, sleeve diameter, button color and type, and overall cut were all over the map. It appears that Navy contractors had far more latitude than those used by the Army- who's shirts are incredibly consistent. So, I polled friends and customers, and picked what seemed to be the best features of each variant. The cut of our shirts is that of most standard dress shirts, the pockets aren't too low and we used blue two-hole buttons.

The result it one of the nicest garments we have ever offered. It's a totally practical everyday shirt for normal (non-history preservation) wear. In addition, it is very likely that these will pass for originals- it's a very simple garment, and our contractor did a bang up job on them. I'm not encouraging nefarious behavior, but these are that good.

Sizes: Original shirts came only in neck sizes- there was no sleeve length selection. All of our shirts have a 36-37" sleeve- this is probably why most sailors have them rolled up in wartime photos. The fabric is thin and easy to roll. Sizes posted are the neck measure alone, you just order by your neck size. If your a half size order up.

Care: We recommend cold wash, hang dry. 100% cotton.