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USMC 782 Haversack
USMC 782 Haversack

: $99.99


Product Description
New production of the Marine Corps M1941 Haversack. This was issued starting in mid-1942 to replace the complex and inefficient M1928 Haversack. It was made to carry the standard Marine combat load- meat can, utensils, spare socks and underwear, toiletries, and a basic load of rations. This bag was provided with attachment points to secure the entrenching tool and bayonet, as well as provisions to carry the shelter half and/ or poncho. Early versions of the haversack were made with riveted fittings and proved to be less than durable. Our bags are reproductions of the improved, 2nd pattern type with heavier webbing and sewn-on hardware.

The haversack can be worn alone or combined with the knapsack and pack suspenders to create the .transport pack. In combat it was most often worn alone, with or without using the pack suspenders.

Care: Hand clean & air dry only! Machine washing and/ or dryers will cause shrinkage and damage to hardware.

Made in USA.

Approx. size 4x11x11 Straps approx. 30'' long