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B.A.R. Magazine Belt

: $99.99

Product Description
New M-1937 WWII pattern magazine belt for the Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.) with 6 pockets which holds a total of twelve 20 rd. magazines. We manufacture these belts in our own shop in in Kentucky with 100% cotton canvas and shuttle loomed webbing. Our hardware is identical to original and is made by Scovil, Stimpson and Anchor- all companies that made it during the War.
Thread is cotton wrapped poly core for extra strength.

How do they look? The quality is outstanding. These can be easily mistaken for originals. They are that good. You buy the crappy belts from India and China and save 50-70%, but they won't last very long...

Care: Hand clean & air dry only! Machine washing and/ or dryers will cause shrinkage and damage to hardware.

Made in the USA with US materials.
If it fails we can repair it.

Size: Our belts will adjust large enough to fit a 43" waist. If you are larger, check the cartridge belt page for our extender belts.
Approx. size of an individual pouch 5'' x 3'' x 2''