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Standard EM Black Belt
WWII German EM Service Belt

: $24.99

Standard EM Belt, Black

EM Belt, Black*:

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Standard German WWII Enlisted Man's service belts. Very good quality reproductions, hand sewn, with the correct size end catch. Flesh (rough) side out like originals.

Size notes:
1. The metric size is the total length of the belt end to end- not the waist size it fits. That's how the Germans marked them- many people already know their size in that way.
2. German belts have 4.5" (11cm) of adjustment. So, a 32" will adjust from about 33" to 37.5". This allows for your tunic, shirt, greatcoat, parka etc.
3. Choosing your size is very simple- if you wear size 36 pants, then order a size 36 (110cm) belt, and so forth.