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M1 Carbine Sling, OD no.3, w/ Oiler
WWII M1 Carbine Sling | ATF

: $24.99


Product Description

Fits standard and paratrooper
models of M1 Carbine.
Identical to WWII Same weave, same hardware

New, USA made WWII M-1 Carbine slings in olive drab no. 3 ("khaki"), with oiler. These are the most realistic recreations of the WWII issue sling available. How close do they look to the originals? Just check the comparison photos. They say it all.

The 100% cotton webbing was made on a period shuttle loom and yarn dyed to match original material. The Lift-the-dot snaps are genuine Scovil brand parts, and our tips and slides were also patterned directly from WWII parts, and parkerized in the correct dull gray phosphate color. Oilers are "IS" marked.

Assembled in our factory in Columbia Ky. Length tip to tip 48''.

Color note:
Our webbing is the same color as original WWII material: US Government olive drab shade number 3. This is a light olive tan- not beige. Collectors refer to it as "khaki" simply to differentiate it from the darker green olive drab no. 7 used at the end of WWII. Many inexperienced enthusiasts get confused over this point.

Fit: Our webbing is 1" wide and the tips are die set so they cannot spread or flare. These are exactly the same size as originals. However, many aftermarket and reproduction stocks and sling swivels are sloppily made and can be tough to fit the sling through.
Still having trouble putting this on, check out youtube:
M1 Carbine Sling & Oiler Installation.

Made in USA