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M1 Carbine Sling, OD no. 7, w/ oiler
WWII M1 Carbine Sling | ATF

: $24.99

Product Description

Reproduction M1 Carbine Sling in late War olive drab number 7 color with oiler. This is the WWII pattern sling made with phosphate plated hardware, and "C" tips, and genuine Scovil brand Lift-the-dot fastener. We had the correct 100% cotton type 3B "ribbed" webbing specially made and assemble them here in our shop in Columbia, Ky. These are identical to those issued from late 1943 through the end of WWII.

We had a new setting die made for the tips that finishes them 1/16" narrower than before so these will now easily fit both the reproduction sling swivels and the originals. (The reproductions aren't quite as wide as originals- shocking isn't it?)

These will fit many weapons with 1" (or larger swivels.) 48" long.

Made in USA.