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Splinter Camo Wool, 2.5 yards
Splinter Camo Wool, 2.5 yards

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Product Description

This is one of the oddest things I've ever seen or owned- what appears to be original WWII German field gray wool with splinter camouflage printed on one side. I purchased it about 20 years ago from a guy who said he'd had it since the 60's and didn't know what to do with it. Over the years I contemplated making an M44 tunic our of it, but ultimately decided to leave it alone.

No, this is not in any reference books, and it'd likely cause seizures among the Camo Wizards of social media. Over the years I have shown it to several collectors with solid knowledge of textiles, including one who prints camo, and all agreed it appears to be period material. Truly authenticating it- short of carbon dating- is a judgement call. There are no reproductions of this sort, and the Germans did print one pattern on wool, that being "blurred edge". A uniform made from that is in the Camouflage books by Mike Beaver.

It's 90" long (2.5 yards) and 52" wide (typical width for WWII), and the camouflage repeats at 46cm which is one of the more common sides for splinter. It has finished selvedge which is indicative of older production, and the wool is typical in appearance and feel for late War fabric. There is a strip of rayon/ satin sewn to one end. No markings anywhere.