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Defect German Holster
Defect German Holster

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Product Description
It's amazing the trouble a 1cm error will cause.

These are reproduction WWII German Holsters for the Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistols. They look great, nice leather, hand sewn with linen thread etc.. But, somebody decided to put the small side flap as well as the closure strap on 1cm too low. The Browning fits into the holster just fine, but securing the flap is a tough job. Eventually, it would loosen up as it is close but these are just too tight.
So, closeout, no returns.

I did a little experimenting:

If the holster is wet formed- get it soaking wet, then stick a dummy gun inside and let it dry, then the Browning fits fine.

As is, the Polish Radom P35 fits in just fine. However, the spare mag pouch is a bit too large.

M1911, P08, P38 and Glocks do NOT fit.