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Texled Gamaschen, Black Fittings
Texled Gamaschen, Black Fittings

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(Pair) Original WWII German leggings worn with low boots. In 2004, we acquired several hundred pairs of original, unfinished Gamaschen from Germany. The canvas bodies were done, but all were lacking the leather straps and buckles. So, the cloth parts are original WWII and we make here straps from new, Belgian leather. I also had the correct non-roller buckles made. They have been properly hand-stitched with linen cord- not machine sewn. These have black straps- there is no meaning to the color- black or brown are just production variations. (Brown is NOT Luftwaffe, "Tropical" or any other gibberish.)

Size: We made the adjustment straps the same size as originals. These fit most adult men. If you have "cankles", these will not fit- and we have no "special order industrial size" and there is no practical way to sew two together.

Warning! Flaws/ Imperfections: These are original WWII. They were paired by the real Germans during the Third Reich in 1944-45. There was a war on and there are some irregularities: there may be a slight shade difference between the right & left, the half-moon shaped reinforcements may be different colors (perhaps all 4 are a bit different), there are often weaving flaws, discolored areas, stains, streaks, and occasionally one legging is a centimeter or two longer or shorter than the other.

But that's they way it was- these are what the REAL Grenadiers wore. If you get in your time machine and jet back to 1944 these are what you would have been issued. These are not copies.

How to wear Gamaschen

The straps go on the outside of the ankle, and point to the rear, the reinforcements on the bottom.

Original, worn pairs. As usual, which one is right?
Answer. All of them.

Pairs as they were worn in WWII. Two out of three don't match.
Fashion victims.

The reinforcements came in
a wide variety of sassy colors...

  • German Gamaschen: Throughout WWII, Germany's armed forces issued leggings with the low boots. They vary in color, fabric and details. By 1943, they had begun to completely replace the jackboot- but this was never completely affected. Many soldiers preferred the taller boot and managed to maintain or find replacements. Although they vary in color and detail, the WWII Gamaschen are all of the same design- two canvas panels, about 6" wide, usually reinforced along the bottom, fastened via two straps & buckles.

    As with many German WWII items, the shade variations the millions of leggings manufactured cause quite a bit of hand wringing and debate among modern hobbyists. There are three broad color categories associated with different services: Gray/ field gray (Heer/ SS), field blue (Luftwaffe), and Aqua-green (Police). The leather straps can be black, brown, or undyed (light tan). The strap color is only a manufacturing variation- it is not significant otherwise.
    The canvas varies from a high-quality cotton duck early in the War, which was gradually replaced with a coarse linen material later on.