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44 Dot Camouflage, sateen
44 Dot Camouflage, sateen

per yard $24.99


Product Description

Fabric weave detail

Erbsentarn ("44 dot") camouflage printed on 100% cotton sateen cloth.

Warning! This is NOT printed on the HBT cloth as most reenactors are accustomed to seeing! Original 44 dot uniforms were actually made from at least six different fabrics, three of which were NOT a herringbone weave. We made this cloth because it's a better quality, sturdier fabric than the HBT- and no one has ever made it correctly.

This is often called "polished cotton" by collectors and in reference books, but the proper name is sateen. Our fabric was specially loomed from an original swatch and it is the same weight as that used by the German in WWII. (It is much heavier than the sateen used on US Field Jackets.) This is less commonly encountered than HBT fabric on original camo uniforms, but it was far from rare. We are the first company to make this cloth properly.

The camouflage pattern itself uses five colors, and aligns with the original dot for dot, spot for spot. (Dot & spot sizes vary among originals due to the hand made screens used). The repeat is 50cm, which is the same as WWII. Most reproductions are 42cm or 64cm. (I have yet to find one that is 50cm.)

Usage: This cloth was used for tunics and trousers. Each garment requires about 2 yards.

Sold by the yard.
1. We do NOT sell patterns.
2. Fabric is NOT returnable! Once we have cut it, it's yours.
3. We will gladly send you a swatch. Just ask.
4. The longest continuous piece we can cut is 4 yards. If you order 10 yards, it will come in 3 pieces. We do not have "bolts"- this is on 100 yard rolls so it's more hassle to cut than what you get at Joann's fabrics.
58" wide.