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A-Frame w/ Leather Straps
A-Frame w/ Leather Straps

: $49.99


Product Description

Rigged with mess tin,
Zeltbahn & Bag.
(Sold separately)

Detail showing attachment
of other gear

Troops at Stalingrad
with heavily loaded
Reproduction of the WWII German "Assault Pack A-frame". Made like the originals with 45mm webbing, stiffened sides, equipment straps w/ steel rivets, mess tin strap, and correct hardware.

These particular reproductions are exclusive to ATF and are not sold by any other company. Unlike most others, our materials and hardware are correct, the colors aren't skewed and they are properly patterned from my originals.

Maker marks may vary.

Wear: The A-frame is designed to carry the essentials for soldiers without the bulk and weight of a rucksack. It attaches to the Y-straps via 4 D-hooks and can be detached quickly if the soldier needs to lighten his load to move more quickly. The top strap holds the mess tin, and the two lower straps are for the Zeltbahn. (The straps are just long enough to allow 2 Zeltbahns to be carried as was often done.)

A small bag was also available which was large enough to carry a spare shirt, socks and some small personal items. It also had a pocket for the rifle cleaning kit. The poles and stakes for the tent were usually carried rolled up in the Zeltbahn. (The pole bag is exceedingly rare and is rarely encountered.) The three rectangular loops around the edge allowed a blanket, greatcoat or additional Zeltbahns to be attached additional with tornister or equipment straps.

As with all combat fieldgear, soldiers often came up with creative and unique ways to utilize the A-frames to carry other equipment.