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Tropical A-Frame Bag
Tropical A-Frame Bag

: $39.99


Product Description
Reproduction of the accessory bag worn with the A-frame Assault Pack. These were intended to hold a small amount of gear, such as a spare shirt, socks, tent pegs, food, etc..It attaches to the A-frame via two 4cm wide web loops and buttons, and is thus worn underneath the Zeltbahn.

"Tropical" refers to the use of web fittings in lieu of the leather ones. In reality these were issued in all theaters, not just in the "tropics". That's a collector/ reenactor over-simplification of history.

Our Aframe bags are likely the only truly correct ones on the market- we went to the trouble to have the woven ties and German pattern webbing specially made. The fabric is the same olive canvas used for breadbags and rucksacks, and the grommets are originals.

Assembled overseas with a mix of US, German, and imported materials.