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"Texled" A-Frame
"Texled" A-Frame

: $124.99


Product Description
"Texled" A-frame Next to the specific original
we copied
Extra long equipment straps
with 2 keepers

Hand stitched D-hooks
with hbt webbing
strap ends
Tan thread, correct hardware
all around

Hooks are maker marked
The best possible reproduction of the WWII issue German "Combat Assault Pack A-frame". Introduced in 1939, this canvas and leather frame was designed to allow soldiers to carry enough kit for several days in the field while leaving their heavier rucksacks at the baggage trains or in their vehicles. The upper hooks were attached to the D-rings on the shoulders of the Y-straps and the lower ones connected to the accessory straps of the Y-straps. Also, the A-frame could be quickly detached and dropped if the need arose.

Our Texled gear is the highest quality we can create. Copied directly from original examples- my quest to reproduce this particular piece of fieldgear in the late 1980's is actually what started this entire company. WWII A-frames demonstrate a host of quirks and variations- for these I chose what most enthusiasts consider a most typical example (see above).

The largest hurdle in manufacturing these is the webbing- it simply is no longer made. So, we had to have it specially dyed and woven on the correct shuttle looms with the same weave used in the 1940's. All hardware pieces were likewise custom ordered for our gear. These use only veg tanned American leather. The parts are cut and prepped in our shop, then sent overseas to be assembled with the correct saddle stitching and linen thread.

The only part we were not able to duplicate is the stiffener inside the legs of the "A". Original normally use some sort of black press board that we have never been able to locate, so we use leather (I have one early 1939 example that was made with leather inside). Aside from this detail, which most people are unaware of, these are identical to the real thing. A little wear & tear and they will look original.

The current run is marked LIEF. GEN. GRAZ which is the abbreviation for Landes Lieferungs Genossenschaft Graz. Sometimes also abbreviated as "LAGO"- this stands for an association of small manufacturers of a given district or city whose products were submitted to a central depot. In this case, Graz, Austria, then part of Germany.

Made with a mix of domestic and imported parts, assembled partially here and partially overseas.

A-frame in use
Examination of period photos will show a wide variety of gear being carried on the A-frame. Like Tornister packs, they are provided with 3 attachment points allowing a blanket or bedroll to be in an upside down "U" shape around the mess tin and shelter quarter. Sometimes two shelter quarters are carried (the straps are just long enough), at times MG ammo cans are attached in lieu of a Zeltbahn, as well as various other improvisations.

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