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Tornister Strap
Tornister Strap

: $11.99


Product Description
Show in use. Priced each,
and Zeltbahns are not included.
Yes, certain very special
people are that boneheaded...
WWII maker mark and date.
(May vary.)

Black leather straps designed to secure the blanket and/ or greatcoat to the Tornister Packs or A-frames. These quickly found general purpose use for carrying all sorts of gear, including Zeltbahnen, gas cape bags, and so forth. These straps have an extra, quick-release strap sewn to the buckle-end to allow for attaching and releasing gear, which is bound by the strap, without having to open the buckle. Hand-sewn in white thread and fitted with gray-painted roller buckles; maker-marked and dated. 18mm x 57cm