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Texled WSS EM Belt Buckle
Texled WSS EM Belt Buckle

: $29.99


Product Description
S 155/43 markings Less curved than Heer
and LW buckle
High quality reproduction of the belt buckle issued to all WSS enlisted men. This is the most "typical" style- dull silver painted steel. These are one of the only reproductions of WS buckles that are correctly shaped- all original WWII WS buckles are less curved than those of the other services. This required a totally new die set to form them. Even the ones made in Hungary that often fool collectors are not done this way.

Profile of SS belt buckles compared
to Heer and Luftwaffe buckles.
Front comparison. Rear and marking details.
Our buckles were not made with the goal in mind to defraud people and ruin collections- they are simply excellent reproductions of the originals.