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German Ammunition Can Bags
German Ammunition Can Bags

: $249.99


Product Description
Late pattern Ammo Can
Bags. Ammo cans not
Made in pairs using Belgian
linen canvas

Exact reproduction hardware
and webbing
Properly reinforced with
leather, sewn with cotton
Front view From the rear- cross
strap rests behind one's
Connecting strap keeps
them from swinging
Original grommets
Reproduction of the WWII German ammunition can carrying bags and harness. Made for the standard Patronenkasten 34/ 41, these are one of the rarest of all pieces of gear used by the Germans with only a handful visible in period photographs. I believe more originals exist than do photos of them in action.

During the War, these bags were made in two main variants. The earlier ones, typically dated 1942 or 43, were made from fieldgray canvas (similar to that used on some MP40 pouches and duffle bags). Those came in a single version as well as pairs with an adjustable and detachable H-harness. Later rigs were made in pairs from tan, fieldgray or field blue canvas, with non-detachable straps that did not adjust. Ours is a recreation of the latter type of bags.

Unlike the few other attempts at making reproductions of these, we have the correct materials and hardware- and access to originals.
Unfortunately, the components cost a lot more than cannibalized Austrian duffle bags and Czech webbing, but these are exact.
The 100% linen canvas was specially made in Belgium, the webbing is the correct "German weave" and our hardware is identical to the original down the "LUX" marks on the steel tips. Our 8mm grommets are original.

The straps and fittings properly reinforced with leather on the back and sewn with heavy cotton cord. The bottom of each sack has a second layer of canvas, and the end seams have thick binding tape for strength.

Sold in pairs as shown.
Ammo cans not included.

Made in USA

Use/ Wear: The original shoulder straps are rather short and tend to put the bags in one's armpits. We added 2" to each strap which places them on most peoples' hips, about the same level German troops wore their service belt. I "test drove" one a set with full ammunition and they ride much better than expected. The bags stay in place, and do not swing about, leaving your hands free to hold a rifle...or more ammo.

Fit: These work for the Patronenkasten 34 and 41 models, as well as the German WWI (sometimes called "Maxim" can) cans and the postwar Yugo copy of the M34.

Loading the bags:
If one is using empty ammo cans, it's no problem to place them into the bags. However, if the cans are full, especially of live ammunition (which is heavier than blanks), this can be a bear. A can with 300rds of ball ammunition weighs almost 25lbs.
The solution we found was simple- put the bags over the cans. Simply turn the cans upside down, slide the bags over them, then flip them back and done.

Care: The canvas is linen- do not use a washing machine or dryer!

Weight: We weighed loaded MG ammo cans:
Steel Can, 300rds of live ammunition: 22-23lbs (varies depending on case and round type).
Steel Can, 300rds of blanks: 17lbs.
Aluminum cans are about 1.5lbs less than steel ones.

Fieldgray Models?
If we can get the proper canvas made, then yes, we will make the earlier types with detachable straps. We have asked around and thus far no luck.