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German M31 Canteen Strap
German M31 Canteen Strap

: $39.99


Product Description
.75 liter M31 Canteen Strap Properly reinforced. Exact reproduction hardware Hand sewn like originals
Fall 2023: New replacement straps for the standard German WWII 750ml canteens. The leather we use now comes from the EU and it's the best quality obtainable.

These are NOT the nasty machine sewn things made from fake leather- ours are genuine leather, made with exact reproduction hardware, hand-stitched with waxed linen cord. Unlike most other copies, we do not neglect to add the rawhide reinforcement for the hook to prevent it from wearing through the strap.

Fit: These will fit original and reproduction M31 .75 liter canteens.

Some of these have a bit of corrosion on the eyelet where the rivet that secures the canteen cap is set- but they're originals so for 80 years old they don't look bad.

1 liter canteens...? These are not the correct side the larger 1 liter bottles. However, I do use a 1 liter with one of these straps- they will fit if you don't wear the cup on the canteen. I keep my cup in my breadbag- to prevent rattles.

Leather from EU, imported hardware, assembled partially overseas and USA.