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M31 Canteen
M31 Canteen

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Product Description

Complete reproduction German WWII M31 Canteens, made with all brand new parts. This is the standard 750 ml water bottle used throughout the War. We assemble these in-house, with components from several different sources. Most importantly, these do NOT have the awful, un-reinforced rubbery straps used on nearly all other reproductions that stretch and break within the first few hours of use. The metal parts are all excellent quality, the covers are the correct color and we use our own straps made from 7 oz. US cowhide with the rawhide reinforcement at the hook attachment. The bottles, caps and cups are aluminum- and NEW.

Straps: New production, made by ATF. This is the Achilles' heel of German canteens- the snap hook wears through the strap and the canteen falls off. Unlike the other reproductions, we go to the trouble to add the rawhide reinforcement to to prevent the hook from tearing through the strap. I also use the thickest leather (7 oz.) that will fit through the loop on the cup- original straps carry widely in thickness, but I wanted to make the toughest ones possible. This is US cowhide, not water buffalo or camel as other companies use. Our hooks are perfect copies, down to the maker mark on the back.

Covers: New production. We had the wool felt specially made- it was color matched to a mint original. They are not the "battleship gray" abominations populating ebay. These are the correct color, fabric, thickness, etc..

Nearly all the cups have a dimple or ding and a chip or two in the paint. If you pride yoursef on accepting nothing but utter perfection in all things, we suggest you find a new hobby. The first time you assemble your kit and walk out the door, the cup will get whacked by the gas mask can, bayonet hilt, and the butt of your rifle- possibly all simultaneously. By the end of the day it will have numerous chips and dings. If you expect a 100% flawless cup- we can't help you.

Canteen Field Notes: The damned cup was one of the first things I ever ditched. Even at 14 years of age, I realized it was a no-go as it clanks and rattles against the gas mask can and mess tin- and if you don't secure the handles they rattle like hell. I carry the cup inside my breadbag and poked an extra hole in the strap so it would tighten down without the cup. Works like a charm.

Cleaning: We recommend washing all canteens out before use. The best method we've found is to fill the flask about half full with hot water, add a little vinegar, screw the cap on, then shake vigorously for a minute or so. Drain it out, rinse with cold water, and place upside down (a dish rack works well) and allow to dry. Dishwashers will NOT work because the neck of the flask is too narrow for the water to reach the inside.