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German E-Tool Carrier, Black
German E-Tool Carrier, Black

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Product Description

Standard issue carrier for the short hand shovel (Tragetasche für Schanzzeug) used by German troops of all services throughout WWII. Little changed from the WWI model, these carriers came in several variations, and were made from leather or artificial leather (Kunstleder). The carrier was designed like a pocket, with the blade of the shovel being slide in between two layers, and secured with the strap and buckle. The strap was also long enough to secure the end of the bayonet scabbard to help reduce rattling. The entrenching tool was actually intended to be worn with the handle angled away from the soldier's leg, but in practice, the troops carried them either way.

Our reproduction is copied directly from and made like the most typical "solid back" originals. There were also "open back" versions. ) We use first quality cow hide, sprayed black on the grain side, hand-stitched with linen cord, and then maker marked and dated. Made for and sold exclusively by ATF. These are not the same product sold by many other companies, made from cheap water buffalo that smell like a truck stop urinal. (Much of the leather used in Asia is tanned in urine- hence the stench.)