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Original German Folding Shovel
Original German Folding Shovel

: $139.99

Product Description

Original issue WWII German folding shovels (Klappspaten). This is the last of the stores from Norway. Like many other items left in their country by the Germans, the Norwegian army used these shovels after the War to equip their own army, and they painted them with olive green paint and issued them to their troops. We had them cleaned and found that the ugly olive paint had actually helped protect much of the original German finish. Now they are back in "Wehrmacht" condition. (The German military blued their shovels rather than painted them.)

All of the shovels are marked in some way. Most all have manufacturer logos or 3 letter codes, and many also have dates and or Waffenamts. A few have double dates. There are over a dozen different maker marks among them. It may take some further cleaning to make the stamping more visible, but they are there.

Condition: These are all in USED serviceable condition. That means they are suitable to be used as intended- to dig holes, clear brush, waylay small animals etc..They have served two armies, dozens of soldiers and are 70+ years old. All are USED. Some traces of the olive paint may remain, and all have evidence of use common to any used shovel. These are as authentic as one can get for re-creating a WWII German field soldier.

Oil: The company that cleaned them for us also oiled the spades to prevent rusting during ocean shipment. We are wiping them down, and bagging them, but all the metal parts will be a little greasy.

Made in Germany