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2-Claw Officer Belt, Black
2-Claw Officer Belt, Black

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2 Claw Officer Belt Size*:

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Product Description

Service Belt for German officers. This type of belt was used both in and out of the field- by Heer and WS officers as the buckles have no markings. We copied an original pebbled buckle, and our repros look identical- down to the "WB" maker mark. Made with heavy 8 oz., smooth side out, hand stitched leather. These are the standard 45mm width so they will fit all fieldgear loops- some officer belts are much wider. Many officers had belts custom made (like their uniforms) and, thus originals vary in details rather widely.

Sizing: We have made four sizes- these belts have 8 inches of adjustment. Hence the size range. So, a size I belt adjusts from 32-40 inches. Measure around your tummy (German belts are worn higher than trouser belts), with a tunic on. The size range I state (32-36) is to allow for tunic, greatcoat, parka, etc..

Belt Size = Fits Waist Sizes
Size 1 = 32-35
Size 2 = 36-39
Size 3 = 40-43
Size 4 = 44-48